Affordable and spectacular Melbourne fireworks

DeJaVu DJs has a large range of Melbourne-based fireworks which are used in all sorts of events and venues. We offer events in Melbourne that range from small effects which can be set up at very close proximity to an audience, through to some of the largest aerial shells available in the market.

It’s an excellent idea to talk to our team about your event and how our DeJaVu DJs fireworks services can provide a safe, exciting and vibrant centrepiece to your gathering. No matter how much money you have to spend on your event, we can supply you with an excellent fireworks solution without going over budget – we have a huge range of products and can scale the size of the shows we provide to be suitable for any gathering.

Few things will excite an audience at any gathering like a full-on pyrotechnics display – from the smallest get-together to the largest event, we can provide a fireworks solution that will have your audience enthralled and keep their attention throughout the entire show.

You can rest assured that our shows are completely safe, as well – this is the biggest priority for our technicians and every staff member at DeJaVu DJs. We want to make sure that every single attendee at your event is kept as safe as possible, and we are sure to put in every single precautionary safety measure possible to ensure that your guests and venue are not put in the slightest bit of danger by our services.

We can even choreograph the fireworks to your music – send a request and we’ll make a mock video for you.

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Contact us at or call 04 2427 0723 if you have any questions about our services – or if you’d like to make a booking.