Birthday Fireworks

A memorable birthday fireworks show in Melbourne

It’s easy to create a truly timeless and entrancing atmosphere at the next birthday party that you organise – simply book in birthday fireworks in Melbourne with our team at DeJaVu DJs. Whether you want a larger aerial display with the most spectacular pyrotechnics we have to offer or a smaller-scale indoor birthday fireworks show, we can accommodate you.

Our selection of birthday fireworks is truly remarkable: we can custom-tailor all of our packages to suit absolutely any birthday event. Once we know the venue and size of your birthday party, we’ll be well on the way to deciding which of our packages is the best choice for your gathering – and the best way we can customise it to suit your event.

Nowadays, a birthday fireworks show is a much more achievable and feasible addition to any modern birthday gathering. It doesn’t have to be the giant display that many movies and TV shows have made it out to be: you can have a smaller-scale birthday fireworks display that works just as well to enthral, delight and grab the attention of the friends, family and miscellaneous attendees having fun at your birthday event.

Call us at 04 2427 0723 or send an email to if you have absolutely any questions about the services we provide. Feel free to browse our site, take a look at our price lists and check out our online galleries to see how beautiful and vibrant our fireworks are. Our team at DeJaVu DJs would love to hear from you if you have any enquiries.